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Our Services

Junk removal and hauling

There is not much our Ford F350 and trailer can't remove off your property. We'll get rid of that pile of junk or bring you that load of firewood or dirt that you've been waiting for. 

Farm repair and maintenance

Armed with a John Deere tractor and various other tools, we can get your farm back on track.
From building fences and animal infrastructures, we provide general maintenance, repair, and a host of other services.



Need that new sink or dishwasher installed? Do you have some furniture that you just don't have time to put together? Or maybe you need some cupboards or that big screen tv mounted someplace special. Boom! We can help.


Have a door that isn't sealing properly or some damaged drywall? Need us to install that flooring that has been just sitting in your garage? Need a custom cabinet or workbench made? We provide small carpentry services that handle all that plus so much more. 

All the little things

Of the million things that break in your home, it's hard to keep up on everything. You have a busy schedule and aren't always able to get to all the little things on your punch list. We can fix that drawer that isn't closing properly or take care of a leaky faucet. Give your to-do list to us and we'll get 'er done.

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